Light Sami Reindeer Hide


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Reindeer Hide Throws + Blankets

Appearing both rugged and soft, reindeer hides add an organic influence to any setting.

Given the hollow nature of the hairs, these hides are best kept out of high use and high traffic areas to prevent shedding. Adding reindeer hides from Finland we have been setting the benchmark for quality in North America.


Our reindeer hides are sourced from the sustainable herds of the indigenous Lappish peoples of Finland. As with all of our animal-based products, these sheepskins are a bi-product of the meat industry. Farmed for their milk and meat, their hides are a bi-product used for clothing and to keep warm in the winter.

Care: Shake or vacuum occasionally. In the event of a spill or stain, mix wool-specific detergent with warm water to produce foam. Using foam only (do not soak or submerge), work the foam over the affected area and pat dry with a clean cloth. Alternately, item can be dry cleaned.


38-42" x 40-48" x 1" hair lengths.

Note: Measurements are approximate, taken from the hair side.



Note: A range of hues from light taupe to mid-brown base with lighter edges and patterning.

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