Icelandic Sheepskin Info

Ethical Sourcing

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Black Sheep (White Light) curates select natural design products from around the world. As such, we are committed to ethically sourcing from our planet that has provided us with these goods. We encourage you to reach-out should you have any questions about the origins or sourcing of our products .

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Black Sheep (White Light) was founded in 2011 after a lengthy search to source sheepskins for an interior design project — the ikea pelts just didn’t do it for us: the Icelandic sheepskins we discovered, did.

We were attracted to the wild nature of these long wooled pelts and Black Sheep (White Light) quickly became a leading purveyor of this unique offering, setting the benchmark for quality in North America.

In the past few years, we have been actively sourcing new select natural design products from around the world to compliment our existing offering. We're very excited about what we have found and hope you will be too.