Burnt Teak Round Vessel



Burnt Teak Products

A round vessel with organic edges. This piece is well suited for use for food presentation, a catch-all, or simply a stunning decorative statement.


In a method akin to the Japanese tradition of Shou Sugi Ban, our teak offerings have been charred by torch up to five times. This process carbonizes the surface and seals the wood, leaving a sleek contemporary black finish, while the natural character of the wood's organic surface resonates beneath.

Care: Handwash with warm water. The potential for charcoal to transfer exists. Prevent direct contact with upholstery and floor coverings.


Medium: 14-16" x 1.5-3" Large: 18-20" x 3-4"

Note: Measurements are approximate. As a natural product, no two are identical - variation should be expected.



Note: Charcoal black

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