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Ankole Light Decorative Horn Set

Ankole Light Decorative Horn Set

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Brass Stands

Decorative Horns

A decorative set of the unique and visually striking Ankole cattle's horns. Available with or without a complementary set of hand-hammered brass stands. The decorative horns from BSWL can be incorporated with any room due to the wonderful design that they form


Medium: 2-4" dia. x 26-32" Large: 4-6" dia. x 32-40"


Handwash with warm water.

Coloration Note

Shades of ivory, beige, and browns.


The Ankole-Watusi cattle of East Africa hold a scared place in the lives of the tribes people of Uganda. Serving primarily as a source of milk and meat, African artisans have founded a burgeoning trade of transforming the cow's distinctive horns of varying shades of ivory, browns and blacks into a number of elegant household accessories. All of our Ankole pieces are Fair Trade Certified.
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